OLED becomes a new opportunity in the market

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In 2016, what is the hottest part of the industry's core technology? The answer is of course OLED. Its popularity in 2016 is evident from sales: According to Qunzhi Consulting, global OLED display device sales reached US$15.2 billion in 2016, an increase of approximately 36% year-on-year. According to data released by HIS earlier, the global OLED market will show a substantial growth in 2017, with an increase of about 32% and an increase of US$19.2 billion. The shipment of OLED products will increase to 630 million units. About 22%.

     In 2016, OLEDs created many highlights in the fields of home, collapsible electronic products, smart terminal devices, and commercial displays. Among them, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the Shangxian industry. The rapid development of OLEDs has taken a big step in boosting the current sluggishness of the Shangxian industry, opening up many high-profit applications for the commercial display field. It is foreseeable that more companies will join this blue ocean in 2017, and the long-settled Shangxian market is bound to generate new vitality in the new year.

   Break through the size constraints and enter the Shangxian market


Although OLED is known as "next-generation display technology", it is subject to size. Previously, the application of OLED technology was mostly limited to high-end consumer fields such as home TV and smart terminal equipment, and it is extremely rare in commercial display products. Until the introduction of large-size display products in 2015, OLED displays successfully broke the shackles of size and opened the way to enter the commercial field.

     We know that most of today's commercial displays use LCD panels. However, with the maturity of LCD panel technology, the technical barriers between Shangxian enterprises have become lower and lower, product advantages and selling points tend to be common, and the user's freshness is greatly reduced. At the same time, in 2016, affected by the rising price of upstream panels, the LCD market entered a stage of low growth rate and high competition. Under the dual pressure, the appearance of large-size OLED display screens such as “a thunder” has quickly caused huge waves in the commercial display industry. In order to be able to share a piece of the competition in the fierce market competition, more Shangxian companies turned their research and development focus to OLED.