Tech parameters of LED Trailer YES-T5
Chassis information
BrandYEESOExternal Dimension4900mm×1600mm×2550mm
turning radius6mTotal weight1350KG
Tire size16 inchTire numbers2 units
max speed60km/h

Vehicle mounted LED screen
LED screen dimension2880mm×1600mmPixel8mm(P10、P6 option)
LED chipR、G、B: Epistar
module size320mm(W)×320mm(H)
max consumption1000W/㎡
average consumption500W/㎡life span100000H
Mechanical control system
screen lifting systemhydraulic lifting,360 degree rotatingLifting height1200mm
Electric system
input voltage380Voutput voltage220V
electricity50Aaverage power consumption0.5wh/㎡
Multimedia system
power amplifier200Wspeakers200W
video processorcan support USB/DVD/HDMI/DVI/VGA

External frame structure
surface paintwhitemetal plate structurecold rolled board
brakehydraulic brake

optional fittings

1.LED screen resolution(P10、P8、P6)、LED screen size paint color

3.asynchronous control system

4.generator processor


 Vehicle Features

 This is the YEESO's most fancy trailer product. Its hand forged into beautiful symmetrical shape. Its surface apply milk white color. Its a true perfect combination of art and mechanic.

◎ It is accord with mechanics principle, it has flexible and robust chassis with braking system, which is safe and reliable.
◎ We use patented technology and high refresh rates-by-point correction technology to ensure perfect clarity video.
◎ Patent hydraulic screen lifting/ rotating system. it can be towed by car along the road.
◎ We use imported hydraulic system to ensure ccuracy.
◎ synchronous control system,which enable the function of live broadcast, karaoke OK and other activities.