Tech Parameter of YES-V12 LED Stage Truck
Truck Dimension
Chassis ModelDong Feng East WindEmission standardEuro IV
External Dimension12000mm×2550mm×3930mmTotal Weight25000kg
Wheelbase1850mm+5450mmCurb Weight17805kg
Generator Power5.9L/162KWPassenger number3 people
Mounted outdoor LED Display
LED Screen Dimension5440mm×2240mmPixel dimension8mm
LED ChipR、G、B: Epistar
Model dimension192mm(W)×192mm(H)
Max Power Consumption1000W/㎡
Average Power consumption500W/㎡Life Span100000H
LED Screen Protection BoardThe LED screen has a movable cover, which can protect the LED screen from harm

Automatic Hydraulic Stage
Hydraulic Stage Space8800mm×3200mmMaterialElastic Board+Floor
Stage Load Capacity200kg/㎡Stage Ladders800mm wide×2 units
Stage stretching wayIt will stretch and flex in by hydraulic powe, the stage supporting legs are under the stageSupporting devicesStage fence
Screen Lifting System
Lifting systemHydraulic LiftingLifting Height2000mm
Hydraulic Supporting legsFour supporting legs,lift up by 300mm,each can support 3T

Super Quiet Vehicle Specified Generator
BrandYEESOExternal Dimension1540mm×780mm×1070mm
Power16KWPowerSuper quiet
Fuel TypeDiesalCylindersWater cooling, four cylinders
Displacement4.33LCylinder diameter×Stroke114mm×120mm
Electric system(Hydraulic remote control)
Input voltage380VOutput Voltage220V
Current50APower consumptionaverage power comsumption: 0.5wh/㎡

six sockets totally

Hydraulic devices

All hydraulic movement can be realized by remote control or buttons of control panel (including pause)

Multimedia System
Industrial Computer

Processor: Core Duo CPU, graphics card: 1G, hard disk: 500G, optical drives: DVD, Memory: 2G

Monitor15 inch LCD monitor
Power amplifier200WSpeakers200W
Control systemLINSN/YEESO Point by point correction technology

External Frame Structure and Inner Decorations
Surface colorwhiteInner space7200mm×2000mm×2300mm
Inner decoration

white light aluminum panels and apply gluing process between gaps; At the top of the interior room, control room and generator room, we install LED Lamp. 

Container windows and doors

Four doors totally,

Three harden glass windows totally

air conditionerimported hanging type vehicle specified air conditionercarriage materialsteel skeleton+alluminum board
Other Options

1.LED Screen Resolution(P10、P8、P6)、size

2.surface glue(customized)

3.RVCautomobile data recorder、video processor

4.Extended room

5.ISUZU Truck Chassis


Vehicle Features

◎ It use East wind sky dragon chassis, very strong to hit the road

◎ It has lots of functions such as movie broadcast, stage performance, exhibits display and interactive experience.

◎ Automatic hydraulic design,can be easily set up and designed into a brand exhibition area.

◎ Most polupar road show vehicles.

Truck Chassis

    Model: Dongfeng      Displacement / Power: 5.9L / 162kw
     YES-V12 LED stage truck use Dongfeng Tianlong truck chassis as the carrier, with a 220 horsepower Cummins ISB series high pressure common rail diesel engine, its power is very strong. It can also meet the national IV emission standards. The cabin will streamlined mask, honeycomb shape front grille, modular crystal shaped headlamps , together with large-scale three-dimensional "Dongfeng" logos, it will leave a deep impression for clients. The driving room has pacious and comfortable driving space, and humanized interior design, as well as high security level.

LED Display

    YES-V12 LED stage truck is equipped with outdoor full color LED screen. Its size is around 10 sqm. Its size can be customized according to client's requirement. The LED screen have slideable door plank. You can close the plank to protect the LED screen when your event is finished.

    YESSO have a LED screen production line specially arranged for LED vehicles. We choose high brightness LED chip and fine raw material to build the LED screen. We apply high refresh rate technology to keep the LED screen have a smooth picture. YEESO have years of accumulated experience and advanced technology to improve our cabinet design, connector design, waterproof and shockproof design. We can make sure that the quality of our LED display to be the best.

Hydraulic Stage System

    Dong feng LED truck is equiped with 28㎡ automatic hydraulic stage to facilitate a variety of stage performances such as product demonstrations and other activities. Inside the stage, we use 20mm crack waterproof bamboo plywood, we use leather surface stage floor and hydraulic supporting legs. Our stage has a high tolerance stage frame structure, the stage plate can bear the weight per square meter up to 200KG, exceeds the strength of iron, so as to ensure the safety of personnel.

    The hydraulic stage have two control system: manual control and wireless control. Remote operation is simple and convenient. The stage can be easily set up in a short time. Stage has a fence and a step-ladder. Around the Stage we have extented panels as an extension of the exhibition space.

Electric System and Multimedia System

 Electric SystemYEESO designed a vehicle-specific 16KW pole ultra-quiet generators. It has the features of low noise, low fuel consumption, light weight, easy to start and reliable to run.It has many advantages in its wink intake and output capacity, automotive shock-proof design, noise reduction and heat dissipation. For other major electrical components, we use Omron or Schneider brand. The whole vehicle has passed through the EU certification, it is completely compliant with EU safety standards.

  Multimedia devicesYEESO control panel cabinet has combined the vehicle-specific industrial computers, embedded car LCD monitors, high-power amplifier, speakers and so on. All the power, screen lifting system, hydraulic stage flexing system can be controlled by center control. It is very easy to use.

Inner Decoration

    YEESO YES-V12 LED stage truck has a large interior space around7200mm×2000mm×2300mm, it can be renovated into exhibition rooms, conference rooms and experience area. We stick to elegant inner decoration and cozy environment. We use white light aluminum panels and apply gluing process between gaps; At the top of the interior room, we install LED Lamp. In the control room and generator power room, we use high aluminum lamps.; we install built-in air-conditioner, and apply a flap leather floor on the stage surface; The generators warehouse and computer control room are seperated by sliding door partition; We install hardened glass windows in the container. Customers can use their own decorationmethod according to the actual needs.