The digital display glass is composed of three parts: nano circuit glass, tempered glass and auxiliary installation profile structure.

nano material,high temperature resistance(Between minus 30 and 400 degrees,no qualitative change)Anti - oxidation, anti - acid base.

It is Ultra-thin and light, hidden  ,91% high transmittance.

Low power consumption, natural heat dissipation, P40 maximum power 100W/square meter.

Mass production, high yield rate, up to 95%.

Stable and durable, the service life can reach 80000 hours.

Control system through synchronous or asynchronous control mode to achieve lighting and text, image, video display functions.

Using the Ion beam coating technology and reflow welding technology for electronic component,Can be molded on 0.4-5mm glass,looks beautiful and generous,product performance is stable.Exquisite technology, the rate of superior products in the world far ahead of similar products.

Transparent scenes are multimedia Urban beautification function that blends in with buildings.
Huge potential market,the curtain wall that exceeds 100 million square metre in the world.

Its installation cost is low and easy. No need approval for urban construction,easy to install. No need to Work at Heights Also it is Low maintenance cost,Good fire resistance function.